"Let's get this show on the road"

Not your typical dying words, but my mother always lived with her own special flair. She was elegant, hilarious, and powerful. The kind of woman who would pick me up from middle school in head-to-toe fire engine red Versace, who became a licensed gemologist just because, who was a magnet in every room she inhabited.  

One of her life’s greatest passions was jewelry. My earliest childhood memories are browsing the cases at Tiffany's during her weekly ring cleaning appointments where I would point to pieces and tell her how I would change them. In my teen years, she would need to install an industrial lock on her closet to keep me from taking (and admittedly, sometimes losing) her treasures. Suffice it to say, I grew up understanding  that jewelry is something very sacred and designs have floated in my mind my entire life.

 It wasn’t until after she died when I was 20 that I started acting on my ideas after taking a single jewelry making class. That summer, before leaving to study abroad in Barcelona, I would drop off my first semi-precious collection at a local boutique, and by the time I had returned home, the collection was all but sold out.


I would continue to pursue my dreams everywhere from LA to San Francisco to London, but it wasn't until I moved to New York City where a chance encounter on the street would lead me to make the necessary connections in the famed NYC jewelry district to achieve my ultimate dream of creating a fine jewelry line. I'm proud to work with the best, most experienced jewelers in the world to bring you Show Road. I was put on this planet to share ideas and feelings through the most precious materials to bring you a sense of beauty and freedom. The world I bring you is the exact intersection between dream and reality, it's where my mother raised me to live .



Every time you buy Show Road you’re helping a woman fulfill her destiny so naturally, we want to pay it forward to other women. We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to the Global Fund for Women, an organization that helps advocate for women’s rights around the world.